How do I enroll a new phone/new phone number in Duo 2FA?

Prepare now before you get a new phone number or forget your mobile device! Go to the NetID Center at - Select Log in - Under Recovery Settings select Edit Settings. Add or update the non-university email address in order to get a temporary passcode sent to your email if necessary.

I have a new phone and my phone number remained the same

If you only want to receive phone calls or text messages for 2FA, no action is necessary.  Your new phone will work just like your old phone.

However, if you want to continue using the DUO Mobile app on your new phone, you will need to reactivate your phone by following these steps:

  1. Install the DUO Mobile app on the new phone via the app store or play store depending on the type of device you have
  2. Visit Net ID Center
  3. Login
  4. Authenticate by sending a text message or phone call (DUO push will not work)
  5. Select Manage my 2FA under 2-Factor Authentication
  6. Select + next to the phone number you wish to reactivate
  7. Select Reactivate DUO App
  8. The system will walk you through the steps similar to when you first set up your phone.   

I have a new phone and a new phone number

If you have already registered a non-campus recovery email address, you can send yourself a temporary passcode.

If you have not yet registered an email address, you must call your university help desk and request a temporary passcode.

Once you have a temporary passcode, you can log into UI Verify and add your new device:

  1. Visit Net ID Center
  2. You will need to authenticate using the temporary pass code that was emailed to you by selecting Use a passcode, enter the temporary passcode from email and then Enter.
  3. Select Manage my 2FA under 2-Factor Authentication
  4. Select + Add a new device.
  5. The system will walk you through the steps similar to when you first set up your phone.
  6. Once you have added your new phone, register an email address so you don't have to call the help desk in the future.  See UI Verify Recovery Email for more information.
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