How do I migrate my UIC G Suite emails into a UIC Exchange account?

Your emails can be migrated from UIC G Suite to UIC Exchange using Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Mac computers. This process would most commonly be used if you are required to switch to UIC Exchange and would like to keep your emails from UIC G Suite.

Creating an Exchange account

1. Before migrating your emails,  you must have UIC Exchange account created.  To create the account or verify that you have an Exchange account, visit, click the Accounts section and log in.
Where to find Accounts on the account portal screen
2. After you log in if you see Microsoft Exchange O365 listed in your accounts,  then you already have an Exchange account.  If you do not see the account listed, select Microsoft Exchange O365 in the New Accounts section and click Create account.  Your Exchange account may take up to 30 minutes to be available after creation. 
Account already created:
where to find microsoft exchange on your accounts page
Creating a new account:
example new accounts screen

Migrating your Emails

1.  The migration of your emails from G Suite to Exchange will be completed using Microsoft Outlook, part of UIC's Office 365 suite.  Office 365 can be obtained from  Emails can be migrated using earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook, but the instructions may be different from those provided in this guide using the Office 365 version.

Migrating your emails on a Mac Computer

1.  Add both your G Suite and Exchange accounts into your Outlook program.  Instructions can be found at How do I add my UIC email account to Microsoft Outlook? 
NOTE:  When adding the accounts it may be useful to note the type of account in the Account description section that appears once the account has been added to differentiate between the two accounts.
where to find U I C exchange in gmail account screen
2.  If you do not want to mix together your migrated emails with emails you have or will receive in your Exchange account in the future, create a new folder for the migrated emails in your Exchange account.  This can be done by holding down the control key on your keyboard and then click on the Exchange mailbox.  A new folder will be created in the Exchange account and you will be able to give it a name such as Migrated emails.
view of new folder option
3.   Move messages between your G Suite and Exchange accounts.  Individual messages can be dragged and dropped between the accounts.  To move entire folders:
  a). First click on the folder in your UIC G Suite account, click on the Move button in the Outlook Ribbon, 
where to find move button
   b). Click Copy to Folder...
where to find copy to folder option
  c). Type the name of the folder you created previously and then press Copy.  The folder of emails will be migrated to your Exchange account.
where to find copy button on migrated emails screen

Migrating your emails on a Windows computer

NOTE: Office 365 on Windows computers does not allow you to add more than one account of the same name, such as, so it requires different instructions than the Mac email migration.
1.  Add your UIC G Suite account to Outlook using the instructions in How do I add my UIC email account to Microsoft Outlook?
2. Create a .pst file of your G Suite emails.  Before starting these steps, make sure that your Outlook program is not still synchronizing emails (this is displayed in the bottom Outlook ribbon to the left of Connected).
  a). Click File then Open & Export then Import/Export.
where to find the open & Export options
  b). Select Export to a file and then click Next.
where to find export to a file and next
  c). Select Outlook Data File and click Next.
where to find outlook data file
  d). Select the account to export (your email address will be listed - pick that) and click Next.
example screen for selecting location of folder
  e). Select a location and name for the exported emails, select the option to allow duplicate items to be created and click Finish.
final steps for export
3. Remove the G Suite account.
  a). Click File in the upper left then Account Settings and then Account Settings...
account settings screen
  b). Select the G Suite account from the list and click Remove.
remove account option screen
4.  Add your Exchange account to Outlook using the instructions in How do I add my UIC email account to Microsoft Outlook?
5.  Import your .pst file of G Suite emails into Outlook.
  a.  Click File then Open & Export and then Open Outlook Data File.
  b.  Select Import from another program or file and then click Next.
import from another program or file option
  c. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click Next.
where to find file to import
  d.  Click browse to locate the .pst file created earlier, select the option to allow duplicates and click Next.
import outlook data file screen
  e.  Make sure Outlook Data File is selected along with Import items into the same folder in: ( and then click Finish.
  NOTE:  Emails will be directly transferred into folders with the same name as your Exchange account (example: all emails from the Inbox in   G Suite will be transferred to the Inbox in Exchange.  Emails in folders that do not match existing ones will create a new folder in Exchange). 
final steps for import screen


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