How can I transfer files that have been blocked by Exchange?

If a sent file is blocked, you can send your attachment via Box.

UIC Technology Solutions has enabled anti-malware policies in the Exchange email service. These policies are configured to block email attachments that meet either of these conditions:

  • They are detected to contain malware
  • They are of a blocked file type. Blocked file types include: .ace,.ani,.app,.docm,.exe,.jar,.reg,.scr,.vbe,.vbs,.bat,.ps1,.cmd

If a file that was sent to you has been blocked and you are certain that it does not contain malware, you may be able to request the sender upload the file to a UIC Box folder instead. Note that files containing PHI (Protected Health Information) can only be stored in Box Health Data Folders, also known as PHI folders. Storage of PHI in personal Box folders is strictly prohibited.

How to use File Request to request files from external partners and vendors:


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