What is the difference between UIC Azure and UIUC Azure?

UIC and UIUC each run a separate Azure instance in the cloud and are configured differently. Below are examples of what the account selection screens look like.  Notice also how the long string of characters following login.microsoft.com differ.


Important Note #1: Multi-Tenant Support

  • UIUC's Azure supports multi-tenant. If you enter a uic.edu email address at UIUC's page, Azure will accept that, take you to the UIC authentication screen, and return with an error after you authenticate.
  • UIC's Azure does not support multi-tenant. If you enter an illinois.edu email address at UIC's page, UIC's Azure will not find your account and immediately return an error.

Important Note #2: Authentication

  • With UIUC, the user logs in directly into Azure.
  • With UIC, the user is rerouted to an ADFS login page and the authentication takes place there. The reason for this is that there are two organizations at UIC each with a different credentials store: UIC and UIH (Hospital)
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