How Do I Display Two Different Sources at the Same Time?

Some classrooms with dual projectors are able to display two different sources at the same time. Those rooms include:

  • ARC 135
  • ARC 137
  • ARC 239
  • ARC 241
  • ARC 242
  • BH 208
  • BH 209
  • BH 308
  • BH 309
  • BH 317
  • DH 210
  • DH 220
  • DH 320
  • DH 330
  • LCA A001
  • TH 100
  • TH 120
To display two different sources at the same time:
1. Select one of the sources you wish to present on the control panel. 
Source Selection:
  1. Lectern Computer
  2. Document Camera
  3. Blu-Ray / DVD
  4. External Input
example projector control screen highlighting Source Selection in the menu on the left
2. After selecting the source, you will find two buttons appear at the bottom saying Left Projector and Right Projector.
screen highlighting the left projector and right projector buttons in the lower middle area of the screen
The projector labels are oriented to the instructor facing the back of the room (left projector/left hand and right projector/right hand.) 
Select which projector you'd like the source to display on. 
screen highlighting the Source Selection options Document Camera, Blu-Ray / DVD and External Input

Then select the second source you wish to present (or the same source if you'd like the same on both) and press the other projector button. 
screen demonstrating the example scenario below
Example: Press Lectern Computer, and then Left Projector, then press Document Camera, and then Right Projector.
The Left Projector source will be displayed on the confidence monitor and will be recorded by Lecture Capture if that service applies to you. 
Displaying two different sources in ARC 137, 241, and 242
ARC 137, 241, 242 have a slightly different approach to displaying two different sources at the same time:
Select your first intended source from the Source Selection buttons and select the Left Projector or Right Projector under the "How should the source be displayed?" window. These will be the yellow buttons indicated below. Repeat the same steps for the Right Projector which are indicated by the green buttons below. 
example screen for the sources in the ARC rooms noted above
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