How do I use the lectern PC?

How to use the Lectern PC source.

  1. Select the Lectern Computer source on the control panel. 
    showing where to find the Lectern Computer button in the menu on the screen
  2. The keyboard and mouse can be found in the pull-out tray. 
  3. Tap the spacebar or move/lick the mouse to bring the computer out of hibernation. 
  4. The log in screen should appear on the computer monitor. If it doesn't, ensure the lectern PC is on by checking the equipment rack below the keyboard. Type in your NetID and common password.  If it is the first time you’ve signed into this machine, it will take a few moments to load.
  5. A list of available software on Technology Solutions supported PCs can be found at
  6. To connect a USB device, such as a flash drive or iClicker Receiver, connect to either the USB port that is on the top of the lectern near the microphone, or to a USB port on the front of the PC itself (located in the equipment rack of the lectern). 
  7. When you are done, remember to Log Off from the computer, but do not turn the computer off.
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