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You can send email through Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool in Original Course View; or using the "Messages" tool in Ultra Course View.
The activity stream page allows users to see all notifications in one location.
Courses can be made available through the Courses tab.
Students can create discussion boards in the Ultra course view
To filter courses to show only the current semester:
The grade book can be accessed by clicking the Grades tab in the navigation bar.
Ultra view allows users to send messages to everyone in the course.
The Courses tab on the left allows users to access all of their courses. The courses page also allows users to customize and manage how they see the courses. The page allows a few options:
Notification settings can be changed on the Activity Stream page.
The profile page can be found by clicking your name in the right navigation bar.
You can take a test in Blackboard Ultra
You can change your profile picture on the Personalize My Settings page