What is Amazon Alexa skill for Blackboard Learn?

Students can check assignments due through Amazon Alexa devices

The Blackboard Alexa skill allows Blackboard Learn users to request and receive information stored about them in the Blackboard Learn application via an Alexa-device such as Amazon’s Echo rather than having to log into Blackboard Learn or look the information up on the Blackboard Mobile App. Students age 13 or older, after identifying their institution, and linking their Blackboard account to their Alexa account, can use any US-enabled Alexa supported device to find out about what is going on in their classes.

Each student can enable the service for their Amazon account.  When Amazon account and Blackboard account are linked, anyone interacting with the Echo speaker or Fire TV can access the course data.  If an Echo speaker is shared with other people, such as roommates or family, it may be possible for other individuals to ask Alexa for the linked Blackboard data.

To enable the Alexa skill:

1. Download the Alexa mobile app on a smart device.  The same device is often use to activate the Amazon Alexa speaker.
2. In the Alexa app navigate to Skills, search for Blackboard.
3. Tap to link accounts, login to UIC Blackboard when prompted.
4. Use any of the phrases provided, such as: Do I have anything due this week?

To disable the skill:

1. Open the Alexa mobile app and navigate to Skills
2. Find the Blackboard skill
3. Tap on Disable Skill button

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