How can guests and visitors access UIC Wireless?

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There are three methods for guests to obtain wireless network: self-created guest access, staff-sponsored guest access and eduroam.

Self-create guest access:
Visitors to UIC can self-create guest account credentials using the UIC Guest Self Service Wireless Account Creation Page.

Staff-sponsored guest access:
If a visitor exceeded the 5 time semester quota for self-registered guest access, a staff member can sponsor/create a guest account.

Phone numbers that do not permit texting for self-registered guest access faculty and staff can request the creation of temporary wireless “NetIds"
(Note: These are not real Netids and only function to allow wireless access)

Visiting UIC from another eduroam institution? You will use your username and password from your home institution to connect to eduroam regardless of where you are. The best way to ensure that you can connect to eduroam at a different institution is to connect to it at your home institution (UIC) first. That will set up your server authentication and you will not need to further configure when you use it elsewhere. See also How do I use eduroam?

Settings for the eduroam network at UIC
Setting Value
SSID (name of wireless network; it is case-sensitive) eduroam
Wireless authentication type WPA2 Enterprise
Data encryption AES
EAP Authentication Type or Outer Authentication Protocol EAP-PEAP or just PEAP
Authentication Method, Authentication Protocol, or Inner Authentication Protocol MS-CHAPv2
Validate server certificate should be checked
Trusted Root Certificate Authorities AddTrust External CA Root should be checked
Username or Inner Identity your eduroam identifier, is in the form of an email address. Members of the UIC community will use
Password your eduroam network access token. Members of the UIC community will use their common password.
PEAP Settings - Enable Identity Privacy This should be unchecked - checking it and setting the value to Anonymous might work


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