What is eduroam and how do I use it?

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Eduroam is an organization that joins educational institutions and allows them to broadcast the same Wi-Fi network, but allows for your local institution's username and password to access that network. The primary purpose for this type of setup is for traveling or visiting other institutions. For example, if you were to visit one of our peer institutions that have "eduroam," instead of figuring out access to a "guest" network, you can connect to the "eduroam" network, type in your username/password and you will have Wi-Fi access.

If you are a UIC student, faculty, or staff member, it is not recommended to use the "eduroam" network on the UIC campus, as the UIC-WiFi network will provide you with better reliability and ease of connection to university resources. However, if you are planning to visit another institution, you should make sure to connect to eduroam for the first time while you are still on the UIC campus, to register yourself so you can successfully connect at other institutions.

When configuring "eduroam" on your device, please be careful and know that if your device has "UIC-WiFi" AND "eduroam" configured at the same time, it is entirely up to the device to decide which Wi-Fi Network it wants to connect to. In rare cases the device will bounce between the network so fast, it may appear that you don't have network connectivity.

How to connect to eduroam on your devices

Windows Devices (Windows 10)

  • Click on the wireless icon in the lower right toolbar and select the "Eduroam" network

  • Click "Connect" and on the following screen enter the information below and then press "OK"

    • Username - yourNetID@uic.edu

    • Password - NetID password

  • Click "Connect" on the next screen

MacOS Devices

  • Click on the wireless icon on the upper taskbar on your desktop and then select the "Eduroam" network

  • Enter the following information, check the "Remember this network" box and then press "Join"

    • Username - yourNetID@uic.edu

    • Password - NetID password

  • Click "Continue" if you are asked to verify a certificate

  • If a "You are making changes to your Trust Certificate Settings. Type your password to allow this" box appears, type the password for your computer (this is usually the password you use to log into your computer, not your NetID password) and then click "Update Settings"

iOS Devices

  • Go to Settings, then Wi-Fi and press on the "Eduroam" network

  • Enter the following information and then press Join

    • Username - yourNetID@uic.edu

    • Password - NetID password

  • On the next screen press "Trust" in the upper right corner to accept the wireless certificate and complete the connection

Android Devices

NOTE: Due to the variety of Android devices, not all will require each setting listed below to be used.
  • Navigate to your device's list of wireless networks, select the "Eduroam" network and use the following settings required by your Android device

    • Username - yourNetID@uic.edu

    • Password - NetID Password

    • EAP Method - PEAP

    • Phase 2 Authentication - MSCHAPv2

    • Anonymous Identity - Anonymous

    • Certificate - Use System Certificates

    • Domain - ad.uic.edu

  • Select "Connect"

UIHealth Users

  • Users with UIHealth accounts need to use their UIC credentials to login to Eduroam (as well as UIC WiFi)

If you have issues connecting to eduroam or would like to connect a device not listed here, please set up an appointment for in-person or virtual assistance with a consultant at the Technical Helpdesk at it.uic.edu/tech-helpdesk

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