How do I add a device to Duo 2FA?


Note: Prior to following the instructions below, make sure you have first completed the steps in Getting started with Duo before proceeding.


  • Adding a mobile phone as your primary device. This will allow you to use the Duo Mobile app for the best experience.
  • Adding at least two devices. If you have only one device defined and it is lost or disabled, you will not be able to access the system.


  1. Login to and select Manage my 2FA, then select + Add a new device. Choose the type of device you are adding:

    Device Setup:  Add a Device
  2. If enrolling a phone, enter your phone number and check Yes, you want to use the Duo Mobile App and then click Continue. (Tablet users skip this step. If you do not want to provide your phone number when configuring your smartphone, you can hit the back button and select tablet. You will only receive push notifications or generate a passcode with this option.)

    Device Setup:  Add a Smartphone
  3. For simple voice or text message verification, choose No then click Continue.
  4. Select the type of device then click Continue.
    Device Setup:  Choose Platform
  5. If you have not installed the Duo Mobile for your device, do it now. Otherwise, click the I have Duo Mobile installed button.

    Device Setup:  Install Duo Mobile for iOS
  6. A QR Code will appear to connect your device to Duo. Next, follow the additional instructions at How do I activate Duo Mobile 2FA on my device?

    Device Setup:  Activate Duo Mobile
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We recommend you use a smartphone as your primary 2nd factor device. The Duo Mobile app allows you to approve your connections at any time with just a swipe and a click on your smartphone. If you are setting up Duo for the first time, we recommend installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device first.
The University of Illinois uses a 2-Factor authentication (2FA) service provided by Duo Security, an industry leader in cyber security services. This will help secure your account and the University's sensitive data. The University of Illinois is committed to securing its institutional data and the personal information of everyone at the University.
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