How do I start or schedule a Zoom Meeting?


This article describes various ways to start a Zoom meeting

Note: there are two main types of meetings. You can either schedule one to occur in the future, or you can start one live.

Zoom meetings can be hosted in many different ways, in many different applications.  The most popular are described below.

Table of Contents

Web Interface

NOTE: This method will allow you to Schedule a Live, Impromptu meeting. Choose another method below if you would like to schedule a meeting.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Host and log in with your UIC credentials
    U I C zoom portal initial screen highlighting Host button option
  3. Select Open Zoom Meetings

    open zoom meetings screen highlighting button to open zoom meetings
  4. The Zoom Desktop Application should open. Select Join with Computer Audio

    audio options pop up highlighting the join with computer audio button
  5. At this point, you will be able to invite more attendees/meeting participants using either their email or by giving them the meeting ID which is needed if the participant is calling in.

    initial zoom meeting screen

Zoom Desktop Client

  1. Open Zoom Desktop Application
    zoom desktop icon to open client
  2. Login (if necessary)
  3. You will then have two options:

    Option 1: Starting a Live Meeting
    Option 2: Scheduling a Meeting
    • Option 1: If you would like to start a Live Impromptu meeting, select the orange “New Meeting” button.
      zoom home screen with new meeting button
    • NOTE: The drop down below the “New Meeting” button allow the user to either start the meeting with video or use their personal meeting ID if meetings are recurring.

      A new window will generate and you should then be in a new Zoom meeting. At this point, you will be able to invite more attendees either by sending a meeting invitation to their email or by giving them the meeting ID. The meeting ID is necessary for meeting participants who are calling in by telephone.

      initial zoom meeting screen

    • Option 2: If you would like to Schedule a meeting for in the future, select the Schedule button.
      zoom portal home highlighting schedule button

      A new menu should appear that will allow you to set the meeting Start, Duration (Note: the duration of the meeting doesn't actually limit the meeting time and it is for scheduling purposes only). Click the "Advanced Options" button (highlighted below) to display more options:

      schedule a meeting screen. Fields include topic, start, duration time zone, recurring meeting checkbox, meeting ID options, password toggle video options audio options calendar option and button for advanced options

      This will allow you to set more options for you meeting:

      meeting options page showing standard options and advanced options to enable join before host mute participants record meeting, alternative hosts

      Enable Join Before Host: This setting allows your meeting attendees to join the meeting prior to the host's arrival. This allows someone else to run the meeting if the host is unexpectedly not able to attend. Enable join before host is set to "on" by default.
      Mute participants on entry: this setting ensures that when attendees join your meeting, they do so quietly without causing distractions. Best practice is to leave this on.
      Record the meeting automatically: This will use your default recording settings to record the meeting or webinar automatically.
      Alternative Hosts:  This is best used if you are: either hosting large sessions, scheduling meetings for someone else or want to add an alternate host just encase.

Outlook Desktop Application:

To Schedule a Zoom Meeting in the Outlook Desktop Application:

  1. Open the Calendar within the Outlook Desktop App.  
  2. Select "New Appointment"
    new appointment button
  3. Click "Add a Zoom Meeting".  This is found in the settings bar of the New Appointment window:
    add a zoom meeting button
  4. Configure Meeting settings:
    1. Start and End Time
    2. Make Recurring
    3. Set Time Zone
    4. Reminder Time
  5. Invite Attendees
  6. Select Send

Outlook Web Application (OWA/Webmail)

To Start a Zoom Meeting in Outlook Web Application:

  1. Follow the steps above to add the plugin to the Outlook Web Application and Login
  2. Navigate to your Calendar within the Outlook Web Application at
  3. Click the "New Event" button
    new event button
  4. Find the Ellipsis in the upper right section of the new event pop-out window
    outlook web interface new event screen highlighting ellipses at far right of navigation
  5. Hover over "Zoom"
    create event screen showing drop down menu from ellipses with zoom option
  6. Select "Add a Zoom Meeting"
    event screen showing pop out after selecting zoom with the + add a zoom meeting button
  7. Note: if this is the first time you have logged into Zoom through OWA, please select "Allow" when prompted to allow Zoom to open a new window
    zoom screen to allow or ignore zoom wants to display a new window
  8. Click "SSO"
    zoom sign in screen with fields for email and password and the "Or sign in with S S O" option to click
  9. Enter "uic" as your domain: ""

    sign in with S S O screen with field to enter company domain which should be U I C
  10. Login with your NetID and password (if necessary). Users who have their credentials saved will bypass this screen.
  11. Invite Attendees
  12. Configure your meeting settings
  13. Select Send

Gmail/Google Calendar

To schedule a Zoom Meeting in Gmail:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select "Create" in the upper lefthand corner:
  3. Select more options in the pop-out window
    google event pop out window highlighting more options button
  4. In the pop-out window enter the meeting information/description, start and end times and invite your meeting attendees.  
  5. Select "Make it a Zoom Meeting"
    event details highlighting make it a zoom meeting option for the add location option
  6. Select "Save"
    event screen highlighting save button at top right


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