How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using a browser?

Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:

NOTE: For the best experience possible, please use the desktop application. See instructions on using the desktop application.

Applies to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge (and Edge Chromium).
    1. Navigate to the windows virtual desktop website:
    2. Enter your UIC email address then click Next.
example screen with Microsoft Sign In box pop up including field to enter email


    3. Enter your password, then click Sign In.
example U I C Microsoft sign on screen, email field and password field


    4. Select the desktop you would like to access.
example all resources screen with options pictured


    5. Select options as desired, then click allow.
all resources screen with pop up to access local resources with items listed and checkboxes to select them


    6. Enter your NetID and password when prompted and click Submit.
all resources screen with tab of selected resource and fields to enter net I D and password



When you are finished, log off using one of these three methods:
  1. From the All Resources Tab of the resource
  2. From the All Resources Menu option sign out
  3. From the Log Off icon on your desktop screen


Remote Desktop Web Client screen All Resources with resource tab showing x icon to log out


account settings screen with sign out button
desktop screen with log off button



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