Prisma Cloud Security

About this service

Description Prisma Cloud Security integrates with cloud accounts to provide a clear view of assets and can be used to compare current account configurations to industry and government standards such as NIST 800-171 and CIS Benchmarks.
Other names Prisma CSPM, Prisma Cloud, Prisma
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Features and tools
  • Cloud asset inventory
  • Reports on compliance, both executive and technical
  • Alerts generated on applied policies
  • Remediation recommendations

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Graduate/Professional Students
How to get the service
See Cloud Security, Prisma, How do I onboard a Cloud Account/Project/Subscription? for instructions on how to onboard your cloud account.
Cost Prisma Cloud Security is offered at no-charge. However, Prisma Cloud Security is an API-based service. If the cost of any services running in the cloud account is calculated based on API calls, then there may be a cost associated with using this service.
Usage constraints Only AWS accounts that fall under University of Illinois Organization are supported at this time.

Support and Hours

How to get help Contact Cybersecurity Engineering by emailing
Training and consulting opportunities None listed
Maintenance hours Technical management for Prisma Cloud is handled by the vendor, and no regular maintenance window is stipulated.
Lifecycle stage Production
Provided by Technology Services


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