Network Infrastructure Access Service

About this service

Description The Network Infrastructure Access Service provides and controls access to Technology Services physical network infrastructure locations, such as CER's and Telecommunications closets for IT Pros, Technology Services personnel, F&S, and contractors.
Other names CER Keys Service
Documentation links CER Key Request Information
Features and tools None listed

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service Campus IT Pros and outside contractors
How to get the service Email or visit for information
Cost No cost for access, but CFOP is charged in cases of lost keys/re-keyin
Usage constraints Per state auditor’s requirement, when a building contains multiple units, Technology Services will issue one key to the largest unit’s primary network administrator.  This administrator must be listed as a primary contact in Contact Database, must be employed full-time by the unit and should preferably be located in the building.

Support and Hours

How to get help Email
Training and consulting opportunities None listed
Maintenance hours None listed
Lifecycle stage Production
Provided by Technology Services




Service ID: 556
Fri 4/16/21 3:18 PM
Fri 9/2/22 6:56 AM