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The following services are available:

Base Support includes a projector with HDMI connection, a laptop provided by NCSA (if needed), a lapel mic where applicable, a mini stereo connection for laptop audio, PA system and a telephone connection. These items can be selected with individual checkboxes on the Events form.

WebCasting provides streaming and/or recording of audio, video and content for the event. Recordings are rendered with fade from black and fade to black. A sample is available here.

Web Conferencing provides interactive HD capable sessions with remote sites using proprietary tools to send/receive audio/video and share desktop programs. Typical brand names are Skype and Webex. Additional tools such as chat and polling may be available from some vendors, please consult with us about what tools are required and what services are available at the remote sites before deciding on a vendor.

Poster Session allows for 10 poster boards to be placed in the Atrium. Poster boards must be acquired from UI Facilities & Services. For 4:3 aspect ratio, we recommend 48"x36" posters, for 16:9 we recommend 48"x27". Placement of the poster boards may interfere with catering in the Atrium. Clients are encouraged to visit the space and coordinate with their catering service.

Limited Support provides only on-call staff to assist with non-technical aspects of the event.

Cleaning provides clean up of trash and carpet mishaps after an event.

Other names Event Support
Documentation links NCSA Event Support Policies (log in needed)
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Getting and using this service

Who can use the service
Undergraduate students
Graduate/Professional Students
Diploma Recipient (eduSource graduated)
Diploma Recipient
Other campuses
How to get the service Log in to , select a date/time and fill out the form
Event Support Service Rates: 
  • Base Support            *A minimum 1hr setup time applies.
    • Auditorium  $100/hr
    • NCSA1030   $50/hr
    • NCSA1040   $50/hr
    • Limited Support $25/hr
      • available in NCSA rooms 1030, 1040 and the Lobby/Atrium area
  • Webconference $150/hr
  • WebCast
    • Live Stream/Archive video, audio, slides $100/hr
  • Poster Sessions $200 per session.
  • Rates are doubled before 8am and after 5pm and on weekends.
  • For long-term projects, support for all services is available on an FTE reimbursement basis.

If NCSA is required to clean the space after an event, the event sponsor will be charged $100.00 per hour for cleaning.

Usage constraints
*Advisory: Remote-site services (such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, webconferencing, and webcasting) depend on both equipment and personnel at other locations. For a nominal cost, NCSA can perform advance tests with remote sites to assess equipment functionality and to coordinate with off-site personnel. If issues arise during an event, NCSA staff will work with staff at remote sites and will do our best to resolve issues quickly, but we cannot guarantee that equipment at other sites will deliver optimal performance.
  • NCSA does charge a nominal fee to use the facilities located on the first floor. See rates below. For long term projects, contracts based on FTE are available.
  • To save energy NCSA limits HVAC operation outside the 8am - 5pm standard workday. If your event requires HVAC operation beyond these hours, please contact NCSA Facilities.
  • NCSA uses Skype for teleconferences included in the Base Support service. Use of other features such as video, shared desktop etc... will incur fees for our Webconference service.
  • For rooms 1030, 1040, 1122 (auditorium), lobby, 2000 and 3000:
    - Reservations may be cancelled without penalty 11 or more business days before the start of the event. These cancellations can be submitted through the room reservation form.
    - If an event is cancelled 10 or fewer business days before its start date, you will be charged the full estimated costs and/or overages. However, if the event is rescheduled and held at NCSA within the next 30 days, you will be charged only for services rendered.
    - Cancellations within 10 days of the event must be sent to

Service Change Policy:
- Any changes to services requested should be made at least 10 business days prior to the start of the event. If changes are requested within 10 business days of the event, you will be charged for the higher cost item(s).
- We reserve the right to decline service change requests made less than 10 business days prior to a scheduled event, based on staff availability.
- Events scheduled within 10 days of the requested start time are equally subject to this policy.

  • The event contact/host must provide an account number from which to transfer funds prior to the event.
  • To verify that space is available, interested parties should consult the calendar in the left pane of the NCSA Event Scheduler.
  • After you have verified that space is available, space reservations may be made via the "Make Request" link on the NCSA Event Scheduler.
  • The registration form contains several required fields including event contact/host name and contact information. All users (staff or external) must provide an NCSA contact or event contact/host name--the person responsible during an event.
  • The event contact/host is responsible for making the necessary arrangements to provide security for events held after 5 pm. To obtain security from the UIUC police department call 333-1216 and ask to speak to the officer who is in charge of arranging event security. You will need to provide them with an account number. A two week lead time is requested.
  • The event contact/host is responsible for setup, tear down, clean-up and security. NCSA does not provide additional tables or chairs. If you plan on a panel session in the auditorium, we recommend you consult with your caterer or Facilities & Services to provide appropriate furnishings. NCSA does not provide janitorial service. Janitorial service is not included in space rental fee. The event contact is responsible for ensuring that the facility is clean after the event. All cleanup must be completed directly after the event. If NCSA is required to clean the space after an event, the event sponsor will be charged $100.00 per hour for cleaning.
  • The NCSA building is not available for use on weekends.

Support and Hours

How to get help Contact for assistance.
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