About this service

Description Kaltura is a media hosting platform that allows students, faculty, and staff to share multimedia within a secure campus environment. Content can be shared with the world or restricted to specific users by NetID. The Kaltura platform allows for a self-service YouTube like interface, and offers integrated screen and webcam recording. Illinois Media Spaces, a campus media sharing platform, is powered by Kaltura. Kaltura is integrated with Compass 2G and Learn@Illinois, allowing you to use the same interface and see media you own across campus platforms.
Other names Kaltura, Illinois Media Space, media platform, media engine.
Documentation links Kaltura | Illinois Media Space
Features and tools Video and audio file hosting; video and audio file sharing; lecture recording tools; cataloging; playlist generator; public and private media sharing; live stream hosting; desktop recording tools; webcam recording tools; caption searching.

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service Undergraduate students
Graduate/Professional students
How to get the service Anyone with a current NetID can log in to a Kaltura interface (at http://mediaspace.illinois.edu, within Compass 2g, or in learn.illinois) to upload the share content. 

No provisioning or creation of accounts is necessary. See the documentation for Kaltura on how to upload and share media.

Available to all faculty, students, and staff without charge

Usage constraints Users must log in via Shibboleth or LMS to upload content.

Support and Hours

How to get help Contact the Technology Services Help Desk by phone (217-244-7000) or by email (consult@illinois.edu).
Training and consulting opportunities Event recording & streaming; Creative services; Media in the curriculum; Lecture Capture.
Maintenance hours None listed
Lifecycle stage Production
Provided by Technology Services
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