Illinois Campus Cluster Program (ICCP)

About this service

Description The Illinois Campus Cluster provides access to computing and data storage resources and frees you from the hassle of administering your own compute cluster. Any individual, research team, or campus unit can invest in compute nodes or storage disks or pay a fee for on-demand use of compute cycles or storage space. Staffing and shared infrastructure fees are partially subsidized by campus to help keep your costs as low as possible.
Other names ICCP, Campus Cluster
Documentation links Illinois Campus Cluster Program
Features and tools High performance computing and storage

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service Faculty/Staff
How to get the service Order forms are available on the campus cluster website (
Cost Varies based on what is being purchased. Costs to purchase compute are available at Costs to purchase storage are available at
Usage constraints Sensitive data is not supported on the campus cluster.

Support and Hours

How to get help Email
Training and consulting opportunities None listed
Maintenance hours Quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in January, April, July, October.
Lifecycle stage Production
Provided by Technology Services
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