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Description This service is provided by the Technology Services Endpoint Services team. Munki is a macOS endpoint management service based on the open-source Munki project. Multi-tenant Munki is a centrally-hosted instance of Munki developed by the iSchool and Technology Services at the University of Illinois. It allows IT Pros, from across the campus system, to automate the installation and removal of centrally-created content (applications) while also providing private, restricted-access repositories for colleges and units.MunkiReport works in tandem with Munki, providing a quick overview of your Munki-managed Mac fleet through various dashboards and reports.Munki and MunkiReport are intended only for macOS endpoints. No other operating systems are supported.Several applications and configurations are provided by the Endpoint Management Services team in the global or campus Munki repositories, including:
  • Apple software updates
  • Adobe products
  • Microsoft Office
  • WebStore applications
  • Many common free applications
Other names Munki, Mac EPS, Mac EPM, MTM, MunkiReport, Multi-Tenant Munki
Documentation links University of Illinois Knowledge Base
Features and tools Automation of the following:
  • Install, remove, and update centrally or unit provided software 
  • Install Apple Software Updates
  • Inventory and reports

Getting and using this service

Who can use the service Faculty/Staff
How to get the service Complete the form at
Cost Beginning in the Fall 2018, this service will be cost recovery. Please see this KB Article for cost details.
Usage constraints Disk Encryption Keys

Support and Hours

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Training and consulting opportunities None listed
Maintenance hours Monday through Sunday, 7 AM – 9 AM
Lifecycle stage Production
Provided by Technology Services
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