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Can I print at a Wepa station if I am not a member of UIC?

How do I print with Wepa?

How can I print with Wepa without touching the print station?

How can I log in to a Wepa print station with just my phone?

Where can I find an accessible Wepa print station?

Where can I print using Wepa?

How do I request a refund for a Wepa print?

How can I print to Wepa from my own device?

How can I print on the UIC-WiFi network?

Do I receive funds for printing each semester?

Can a department or college request managed printing services from Technology Solutions?

Where can I print using U-Print?

How do I send documents to U-Print from a personal computer?

How can I pay for printing?

What are the Technology Solutions teaching and open computer labs?

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