Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

What Is It?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a holistic, cloud-delivered endpoint security solution that includes risk-based vulnerability management and assessment, attack surface reduction, behavioral-based and cloud-powered next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), automatic investigation and remediation, and managed hunting services. These capabilities are underscored with rich APIs that enable access and integration with our platform. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is easily deployed, configured, and managed with a unified security management experience.



Discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real-time

Bring security and IT together with Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management to quickly discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Get expert-level threat monitoring and analysis

Empower your security operations centers with Microsoft Threat Experts. Get deep knowledge, advanced threat monitoring, analysis, and support to identify critical threats in your unique environment.

Quickly go from alert to remediation at scale with automation

Automatically investigate alerts and remediate complex threats in minutes. Apply best practices and intelligent decision-making algorithms to determine whether a threat is active and what action to take.

Block sophisticated threats and malware

Defend against never-before-seen polymorphic and metamorphic malware and fileless and file-based threats with next-generation protection.

Detect and respond to advanced attacks with behavioral monitoring

Spot attacks and zero-day exploits using advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning.

Eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface

Use attack surface reduction to minimize the areas where your organization could be vulnerable to threats.


Minimum requirements for Defender can be found here.
Defender is available for IT Professionals at the university.  Access to Defender will be granted via Azure Active Directory groups after the request form is completed.

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • IT Pros

Where Can I Get It?

Once access is granted, IT administrators can visit to access Defender.
Download the onboarding script for your device here (requires access to Defender).

How Do I Use It?

Visit Microsoft's comprehensive Defender training to become an expert in protecting your devices here.

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is funded by the University; there are no direct costs to clients.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

Service Levels

Service Request Fulfillment Time Within 2 business days
Incident Resolution Time Within 1 business day
Service Availability 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) Cloud based, vendor controlled
Service Notification Channel(s) IT Service Notices
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