What roles/permissions do I have in my MS SQL database

By default, all users are given the Owner database role on their databases and the public role on the instance. This allows you to view every database on your departmental instance and perform all configuration and maintenance activities on your database as well as drop your database in SQL Server.

Note: The following two charts are a simplified version of the permissions poster that shows the actions you can take with the DB owner role and default public server role.  For a complete version, please see: https://aka.ms/sql-permissions-poster
A chart or the DB roles and actions are as follows:
Note:  While you're generally considered to be able to perform any task on your database.  There may be some tasks that might require an elevated server role.   If you encounter an error while trying to perform a task, please open a support ticket with the action you were attempting and any error message you may have seen.
database level roles and permissions screen
A chart of the server roles/permissions is as follows:
server level roles and permissions screen


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