How do I download my Certificate of Achievement for KnowBe4 training?

A step by step guide on download and viewing your certificate after finishing training in KnowBe4

How to download your KnowBe4 security training certificate

In order to access your training certificate you must first complete your security training found at once you access this site, it will prompt you for your shibboleth UIC username and password.

Once logged in you will be taken to the UIC KnowBe4 site. If your training is complete you will see the following on the top of the screen

competed training message

Below you will see a list of training, and if they are complete there will be an orange and white check mark next to them

complete screen with link to download


You will also notice that above the title of this training there is an orange “Download Certificate” button.

close view of download link

Click on this and a download of a file called “CourseCompletionCertificate.pdf” will begin. Once this is downloaded you can open it in any PDF document viewer of your choice.

example certificate of completion




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