How can I log in to a Wepa print station with just my phone?

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If your phone supports NFC (used for technologies like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more), you can login to Wepa print stations with just your phone!

The Wepa mobile app, available for Android and iOS, will need to be downloaded on your phone in order to log in via NFC. Once the app is downloaded and you're logged in:

  1. A Wepa Willy character will be present at the bottom right of the main, print queue view:

  2. Select Wepa Willy and tap your phones NFC on the print station face plate that states ‘OPEN WEPA APP – HOLD PHONE HERE TO LOG IN’:
    1. iOS
    2. Android

      NOTE: iPhone NFC reader is on top of phone, on the back. Place phone at an angle for the NFC tag to detect iPhone NFC reader.
  3. You will automatically be logged into the print station with uploaded files ready to print:

    NOTE: If a view that states ‘Your device doesn’t support remote login.’ appears, then your phone does not have compatible NFC hardware. For example, iPhone 6 has NFC but it is locked down for only Apple Pay:


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