How can I be informed of UIC IT service status?


Technology Solutions communicates IT service status via the website, including notifications to subscribers via a variety of channels.

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Finding Current Service Status

There are a variety of locations to view the current status of UIC IT services. All pages reflect the same information, though the most detail is available at

Subscribing to Service Status Communications

The service status tool also provides the capability to subscribe to receive direct communication when there are new service disruptions or scheduled maintenance, via multiple channels including:

  • Email
  • SMS (Text Message)
  • Microsoft Teams (see subsection on the Teams integration)
  • Slack
  • Webhook (integration to other web applications)

Additionally, you can choose to receive communications about all services, or only selected services that you rely on.

To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. In the upper right-hand corner, select Subscribe.


  3. Select a desired subscription method. You can subscribe to multiple methods, one at a time.


  4. Enter your information as prompted. For example, for email enter your full email address of choice, read and accept the terms & services, and select Next.


  5. Under the “Customizations” section, you may select to be informed for All Services or only Selected Services. Note that the service names here follow the same conventions found in our service catalog on the UIC Help Center (e.g. Zoom, Teams, and Webex are all part of the Meetings & Conferencing service).

    Note that you can select different communication preferences for each subscription method (e.g. you can select to receive notifications for all services via email, but only selected services via SMS).

    view of group and service selection interface

  6. Choose whether you want to receive all updates, or only the minimum number of notifications (typically first and final), then select Save.

  7. To add another subscription method, select Add another method and return to step 3 above.


Microsoft Teams Integration

When subscribing to receive notifications via Microsoft Teams, there are a couple of prerequisite steps to take before going through the Subscribe process on the status webpage. Instructions can be found at Microsoft Teams notifications for StatusHub.


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