How do I re-enable a login page in my Red website?


As part of the Red Modernization project, all UIC Red websites were migrated to a cloud-hosted web infrastructure over the 9/3/22 - 9/5/22 weekend. This migration brought a change in the authentication method for password-protected pages on Red websites which requires a one-time adjustment to re-enable authentication for protected pages.

Steps to enable login

  1. Navigate to your Red website administrator dashboard at

  2. Within the Dashboard left sidebar, select Page Restrictions.

  3. Select the Restrict to Logged in Users tab at the top of the page.

  4. On this tab, find the box titled Page Restrict Options on the right side of the window and select Redirect to Login Page to enable this function for your site.

  5. Navigate to the individual page(s) that should require login and scroll in the main content section of the page to the Require NetID Authentication box and uncheck the "Require user to be logged in with a NETID to view this page" box.

    Require NetID Authentication box
  6. On the same page, navigate to the Page Restrict Access block on the right side of the page and select (check) the Require Login box, then Save or Publish the page.

    In the Page Restrict Access, check the "require login" box


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