How Do I assign Liaison Roles for the Department that I am a Delegate Authority For?

If you are listed as one of your department’s Delegate Authorities (DA), you can assign all liaison roles (Phonebook, REACH, etc.), including adding and removing other delegate authority liaisons by using the liaison manager application.
Please follow these directions to assign liaisons:
  1. Go to this URL/link:
  2. Once at the “UIC Liaisons” page, locate the green “Log In” button to the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click on the: green “Log In” buttonLiaison Manager About Liaison Manager screen with log in button at the top right
  4. Login with your NetID and password (Note: do not add, “” to the end of your NetID)

    Standard U I C log in screen with fields for net I D and password with log in button
  5. Click on the box: “Select campus unit”; at the top of the page select the correct campus unit for which you wish to assign the liaison (Note: you  can only add liaisons to the departments for which you are a delegate authority for)
  6. Click: “Search”
  7. Click: “Manage Unit Liaisons”
  8. Click on the appropriate liaison role you wish to assign (Phonebook, REACH, etc.)
  9. Click: Add New Liaison
  10. Enter the NetID for the new liaison role being assigned (Note: DO NOT add “”)
  11. Click: ADD
You will do this for each liaison role you wish to add. Please note there are many different ways to add, delete, and modify department liaisons. The above way is one basic way. Please feel free to explore other ways of modifying department liaisons.


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