How do I set up a departmental wireless network?

The most important thing for you to do is the first step: contact us so we can help you plan your installation.

  1. Submit our web form to open a request for a wireless survey for your area to find the best physical placement for your access point (AP). Please tell us the buildings, rooms, and areas where you want to have wireless accessible.
  2. The Technology Solutions Networks wireless staff will meet with you and discuss wireless possibilities and answer any questions.
  3. Technology Solutions Networks will make blueprints, then meet again with you. We will do a general walk through of area and, if necessary,to set up an additional appointment necessary to do real-time testing of signal strength.

  4. Networks will send you a summary email stating what was discussed at the wireless survey.

  5. When everyone agrees, Networks will make copy of blueprints and open ticket with Telecom requesting an estimate on your behalf.

  6. If the department approves the Telecom estimate, have the proper jack installed where your wireless AP(s) will located, according to the blueprints and according to Technology Solutions policy and standards.

  7. Purchase the AP(s) and power injector(s),or proper switch if needed, based on the part numbers sent you by Networks.  Drop the AP(s) off with Networks so we can configure them for you.

  8. Networks will make required changes on router and switch configuration to reflect new wireless network and program your AP(s).

  9. When the APs are programmed, Networks will give them to Telecom, who will mount them to the wall for you.

  10. Networks will program the switch and activate the jack(s).

The final step will be for you to test your wireless network and report any problems to your project's ticket log.



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