How do I activate Microsoft Office on my Mac?

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Occasionally, after installing Outlook, you may be prompted to activate your license.  However, after clicking "activate" and logging in with your NetID/Technology Solutions common password, nothing appears to happen, or you may receive a different activation error altogether. Some common issues and there solutions are as follows.


"You need to activate Office for Mac within X days" after activating already.

NOTE: Microsoft is aware of and currently working on this issue.
If you've activated Office 2016 for Mac, but are still seeing a message that says, "You need to activate Office for Mac within X days," please try these steps to resolve your issue:
  1. Run the License Removal Tool
  2. In Spotlight Search (the magnifying glass) on your Mac, search for and open Keychain Access.
  3. In Keychain Access, delete the following files:
      Note: You will need local admin privileges to make changes to your Keychain Access.
    •  Microsoft Office Identities Cache 3
    •  Microsoft Office Identities Settings 3
    •  Microsoft Office Ticket Cache
      4.  Restart your Mac and open any Microsoft Office app to reactivate.

Can't activate Office after installation.


  1. Check to make sure your internet is working on the Mac you're trying to install on. You can do this by opening your internet browser and going to If the page loads, your internet connection is working.
  2. Reset your credentials:


  1. Open Spotlight by selecting the magnifying glass at the top right of your desktop.
  2. Search for and open Keychain.
  3. Type in Office and then delete the data license file.
  4. Download and run this script.

      3. Test your user account to rule out local profile corruption.


Microsoft also has some other suggested troubleshooting steps posted at What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac.



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