How can I use Zoom for PHI?

PLEASE NOTE: The below process is currently required for every switch between Zoom portals. You will retain all scheduled meetings when moving in/out of the PHI portal but Co-Host, Alternate Host and Scheduling Privilege functionality is only available to accounts in the same portal.  These functions are removed when migrating in/out of the PHI portal and have to be re-assigned if/when returning into the non-PHI Zoom portal.

  1. Go to your currently logged in portal, click on the top right Sign Out Icon icon and then click “SIGN OUT”.
  2. To start the migration process, navigate to

    In the below example we are going from the regular UIC portal to the UIC PHI portal
    ZHCP Sign In Page
  3. You will be prompted to login with the familiar UIC login screen.
    Shibboleth Sign In Page
  4. A message will appear that notifies you that you are signing into a new portal, please click on “Switch to the New Account” to continue the migration.
    Zoom Switch Account Page
  5. This message lets you know that you will not lose any of your current meetings or recordings and that you may not have full functionality on the new site (due to different security controls). Please click “I Acknowledge and Switch”.

    Zoom Acknowledge Switch Page
  6. Zoom will send an email to the email address specified in the account to confirm the account migration.

    Zoom Sent Email Page
  7. Please open the email from Zoom and select the “Switch to the new account” button.
    Zoom Open Email Page
  8. A new web page opens with a prompt to complete the migration. Click ‘I Acknowledge and Switch’.
    Zoom Confirm Switch Page
  9. This page can now be closed.
  10. You can now navigate back to the desired portal and Sign In (in our example You will notice the Zoom_PHI_Icon.PNG logo in the top left part of the screen which lets you know exactly which portal you are now in.
  11. If you require full Zoom functionality, repeat the above instructions, instead starting at and signing out, then navigating to


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