Computer LifeCycle Program

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What is it?

  • Opportunity to upgrade primary computer that is older than 4 years.
    • Existing primary computer needs to be returned to IT Partners at Education.
    • This program does not included monitors, keyboard or mice.
  • Opportunity to relinquish dated desktop, laptops, printers and other technology equipment.

Who is eligible?

  • College of Education faculty and staff on hard funds with appointments of 50% or more FTE and 9-month or more appointments. 

How will decisions about the replacements be made?

Reports are obtained from our computer management systems containing computers’ age, user, and model info. This report is used to identify all computers that are 4 years or older. Afterwards, the list of users is queried to identify the users that qualify based on the criteria above. The result is a list of computers that are 4 years or older and qualified users. This is the list we use to decide who qualifies for this program.

How will the age of my computer be determined?

Reports within our endpoint management tools will tell us the age of the computer. The age of the machine will be verified by comparing serial numbers to purchase records.

New Computer Options

IT Partners has compiled computer suggestions. These will be the machines the College will replace your current machine with. This info can be found here

When can I expect my new machine?

IT Partners plans to distribute all computers before the end of the Fall semester.  

Who can I contact with additional questions?

IT Partners at Education

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I order monitor, keyboard and mouse?
    • No, the program only covers the computer. If additional equipment is needed submit request with funds to
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