Telephones at UIS

Phone System

UIS hosts a Cisco-based Internet Protocol (IP) phone system. This system allows for IP desk phones to be connected to the campus network eliminating the need for extra cabling to be run all throughout campus to provide phone support. The IP phone system also allows for more flexibility by allowing for a softphone option to our users. A softphone is a piece of software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer or smartphone. It has all the features of a desk phone and typically expands the range of services you can access on a desk phone.


Units are responsible for the costs associated with the phones:

  • IP Telephone (desk phone) - $25.00 / month
  • Softphone (Jabber) - $20.00 / month / device (cell phone app, computer app)
  • Both IP Telephone (desk phone) and Softphone (Jabber) - $35.00 / month
  • Long Distance Calls (average rates) – within the state or state-to-state, 6.5 cents/minute, international, varies by country called.
  • AT&T® Directory Assistance Calls – $1.99/call, AT&T® operator assistance rates apply.

Requesting Phones

Desk Phone

To request a new phone line, remove a phone line, or reassign a phone line please fill out the IP Phones form.


UIS is utilizing the Jabber application on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. To take advantage of the softphone option users will need to determine which of their devices that they would like to use and will need a CFOAP for billing purposes. Next follow the steps below to make the request:

  1. login to
  2. Select the button at the top of the page labeled Softphone
  3. Click Add Device
  4. In the Platform drop down select the operating system that you would like to use Jabber on
  5. In the CFOAP box type in the account code provided by your units financial representative
  6. Please allow for up to xx hours for the request to be fulfilled
  7. Next download the client for your device
    1. Jabber for Windows or macOS can be obtained from the Softphone request by clicking the download icon Download Icon next to your name.
      • Windows and macOS users will need to install the MyE911 application in addition to the Jabber client. Please follow direction in the MyE911 knowledge base article.
    2. Jabber for iOS can be obtained from the Apple App Store
    3. Jabber for Android can be obtained from the Google Play Store
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