Kaltura Video Quizzing

Kaltura offers the option for instructors to integrate low-stakes objective quizzes on videos that are used in courses. Paired with shorter videos (around 5-10 minutes), the quizzing option offers the possibility for increased student engagement and encourages students to watch videos all the way through. To get started, go to My Media inside any of your Canvas courses. Then:


  1. Click Add New and then select Video Quiz.
    Add New menu highlighting the Video Quiz options
  2. You will be taken to the Editor / Media Selection page, where you can either select an existing video or upload a new one.
  3. To upload a new one, click the Upload Mediabutton.
    Upload button
  4. To use an existing video, scroll through the list and click Select next to the one you want to use for the quiz.
    Select Button
  5. From here, a window will open within your current tab where you can create your quiz questions. The quiz tool will allow you to insert questions into the video at specific intervals using the highlighted timeline tool and edit description and grading information for the quiz. This help document from Kaltura details the quiz creation and editing process, including screenshots.
  6. When you are finished adding quiz questions and updating the settings, click Done. The video quiz will now be available in My Media and can be added to a Canvas course, just like any other video hosted in Kaltura.
    Done button
  7. If you wish to integrate your Kaltura video quiz into the Canvas gradebook, you will need to create a new Canvas assignment in a module or on your Assignments page in your course.
  8. For Submission Type, select External Tool.
    Submission Type Menu Highlighting External Tool


  1. Click the Find button.
    Find button
  2. Scroll down until you see Kaltura Video Quizzing, and select it.
    Configure External Tool Menu Highlighting the Kaltura Video Quizzing
  3. Your My Media page will load in a small window within the tab, and a list of your available video quizzes will appear. Select a video quiz to use. This will take you back to the Configure External Tool page. Click Select to confirm your choice.
    Select Button
  4. Scroll to the Points field. Enter the total point value for your Kaltura Quiz.
    Points Box
  5. Click Save & Publish to make the assignment available to your students.


There are several important points to keep in mind:

  • As a best practice, COLRS does not recommend this tool for high-stakes exams.
  • This feature is not compatible with Respondus Monitor or Examity.
  • Only objective (true/false or multiple choice) questions are gradable. Open questions and reflection points are not considered gradable and will not be counted in your students’ scores.
  • Kaltura treats each gradable question (true/false or multiple choice) as equal in value and will divide the total point value for the quiz by the number of gradable questions. For example, in a 10-point quiz with 2 gradable questions, each question will be worth 5 points.
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