Desktop Support

What Is It?

IT support for COM Dean's Office and Units, and contracted COM Depts.

IT support entails: network, hardware, and software troubleshooting.


Provide repair, troubleshooting and warranty support for supported computers, printers, monitors and general IT related accessories.


Must be a supported by COMIR.

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

COM employees that participate within the Dean's Office Support model.

Where Can I Get It?

Via this COM/COMIR TDX portal (top right blue button: Staff COMIR IT Help).


How Much Does It Cost?

Contracted support between COM Dean's office unit COMIR and the COM Dept.

How Can I Get Support?

Support and assistance is handled through this portal.

Service Levels

Initial Response Time 24 hour response time frame.
Service Request Fulfillment Time Depending on the nature and complexity of the problem.
Incident Resolution Time Depending on the nature and complexity of the problem.
Service Availability Business hours, M-F, 9-5pm and reflective of the University Holidays.
Maintenance Window(s) Depends on nature of service.
Staff COMIR IT Help


Service Offering Id: 191
Mon 6/26/23 6:25 PM
Thu 9/21/23 2:31 PM
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