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How to add, share, and unshare pronouns in Zoom.
About Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool integrated in Blackboard. At times, the upload of a ppt presentation will result in a conversion error. There are several work arounds you could use.
Unfortunately, the webinar feature is not included in the standard Zoom meetings license provided to UIC faculty, students and staff.
Recordings from Zoom meetings using Record to the Cloud will be automatically uploaded to Echo360 after adjusting account settings.
This article provides direction on how to protect your Zoom lecture or meeting. Please weigh these options carefully to find the right balance between providing access and protection.
Webex Events allows for large presentation-style meetings for up to 1,000 attendees, with support for panelists, attendee feedback, and more.
Any faculty and staff can auto-create an account on the UIC Webex portal.
Links to Recorded Events To access past webinars before December 2019, visit "" style.
To access past webinars since December 2019, visit the and search for the previous months by clicking on "Look for earlier events." The link to the recorded presentation will be available there.
The article explains the options available for learning more about Blackboard.
Protect your meetings using "only authenticated users can join meetings" setting.