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The Technology Solutions sponsored tool called Panopto, allows instructors to create an assignment that allows students the ability to upload a video to Blackboard.
PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when removing students from Blackboard course sites as all information associated with the student (including grades and assignment submissions) will be deleted. Before removing students, make sure you do not need to refer back to these student
How a former student with an expired affiliation can view his/her transcripts using their enterprise login
The class photo roster is not visible to students.
Online Assignments allow instructors to create a variety of questions on Gradescope that students can answer directly within the interface by typing, selecting, or uploading their responses.
Below is Gradescope's position on data ownership and privacy policy.
Explains how an instructor can see a list of all his/her students
Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.
How a former student with an expired affiliation can view his/her account billing info using their enterprise login
Below is an outline for benefits to students when using Gradescope.
This article shows how to sync Blackboard roster with Gradescope.
If you're interested in using Respondus to test the student experience, Technology Solutions has created a test course that will enroll you as a student.