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If you have lost, forgot, or can not access your 2FA device, you can request a temporary passcode. This passcode is good for 3 days and 100 uses. You can request 24 passcodes per calendar year. These can be requested if you are going to a testing center and will not have access to your 2FA device.
Getting Started with 2FA Enrollment.
Step by Step guide on How to Manage your 2FA (2-factor authentication) Devices.
Step by Step guide on 2FA (2-factor authentication) self-enrollment.
Following these steps, you will be able to register for 2FA while away from the campus network.
2-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your sensitive, personal university data.
This document will instruct you on adding personal devices and phone numbers to Duo.
There are two ways to complete the activation of your mobile device with Duo. You may use your phone camera to scan an on-screen barcode, or you can have an activation link emailed to you.
The authentication methods and devices available for 2-factor authentication (2FA).
Attendance can be tracked manually or using a Student Response System.
Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.
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Commonly asked questions regarding 2FA.
Step by Step guide on how to set your default device and automatic authentication method.
We recommend you use a smartphone as your primary 2nd factor device. The Duo Mobile app allows you to approve your connections at any time with just a swipe and a click on your smartphone. If you are setting up Duo for the first time, we recommend installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device first.