How do I report a suspicious or threatening email?

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In order for us to investigate phishing emails, we need two pieces of information sent to It's ok to send each piece of information in separate emails to us.
  1. A copy of the body of the message, including the URL of any links in the email message.

    The easiest way to accomplish this is to start a new email to and drag and drop the suspicious email into the new email so it becomes an attachment.
  2. A copy of the full message headers, as a text file attachment.

    Nearly all modern email clients hide the message headers from view - Which is normally a good thing! However, when we need to find the headers, the email clients can make it quite difficult to find them. For instance, you'll usually have to use a computer for this step as most mobile devices don't let you see the message headers at all.
    Here are instructions for Gmail and Outlook:

    Gmail: Trace an email with its full headers
    Outlook: View internet message headers
    Here is another website with instructions for older versions of Outlook and other email clients not supported by Technology Solutions:

    MX Toolbox: How to Get Email Headers
    * Note: We cannot use images for our analysis, we must have the actual text.

    ** Also Note: Occasionally Gmail will flag the headers as a problem and not allow you to send them. In this case, you can copy and paste the message headers into Notepad, save them as a text file and send that as an attachment.
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