Can I change my NetID?

Explains how someone might be able to change their NetId

Your UIC NetID is your identity, in many different ways — email address, login credentials, Banner, Bluestem, Listserv lists, lists of NetIDs allowed to access various files, personal URL, and more. Changing your NetID is a complex, labor-intensive and time-consuming process, and despite Technology Solutions's best efforts, can result in some service disruption. You wouldn't believe all the different machines, accounts, and files, that can contain a NetID and need to be changed about the same time.

In almost all cases, Technology Solutions must enlist the assistance of other organizations such as AITS and ITS (Medical Center Network), and work closely with them to resolve various non-trivial technical issues associated with a NetID change.

Approved NetID changes will be implemented on a "best effort" basis with no guarantees of timeliness. Please remember that to minimize service disruption, we have to coordinate and synchronize several steps with other organizations, and that takes time.

*** User access to University of Illinois systems may be lost for up to 5 days during a NetID change.

Please refer to the UIC NetID Change Policy for a list of allowable changes, consequences of a NetID change and how to proceed with a NetID change.


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