How can I customize settings with Unity Messaging Assistant?

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This article explains how Messaging Assistant can be used to personalize Cisco Unity Connection settings, including recorded greetings, message delivery options, and notifications.


1. Get Started

In your browser, navigate to: If you are off-campus, you'll need to connect to the VPN first.

In the Username and Password fields, enter: 

Cisco log in screen

A. Username: UIC netID 

B. Password: UIC password


2. Select a Voicemail Tool

From the Cisco PCA main page the subscriber may access either the Messaging Assistant or Web Inbox.

Where to find messaging assistant link

Click the title for Messaging Assistant.


3. Define personal options

When Messaging Assistant is first accessed, the Personal Options page is presented.

example personal options screen

Personal Options allow users to:

• Play/record your name 

• Add alternate spellings of their username 

• Specify whether they want to be listed in the phone directory.


4. Change Recorded Name

Your recorded name is used to identify you to other users and in directory assistance. It also plays in greetings that use system default recordings instead of personal recordings. 

To record a new name you may either:

screen to change recorded name

A. Use the upload option and upload an existing .WAV file. 

B. Press the record button which will dial your extension and prompt you to record the name.


5. Set PIN

A phone PIN protects the privacy of messages and secures the Cisco Unity Connection account from unauthorized access. Users can change their phone PIN at any time. 

example change pin screen

Use the drop-down menu to change your PIN.

 Note: The PIN must be at least six characters long and trivial passwords are not allowed i.e., 123456


6. Change Greeting

Click the drop-down arrow to the left of the heading to access the greetings menu.

Click View Greetings.

If your greetings are already set up, just enable your preference by checking the box.

To adjust settings, select the greeting to be managed by clicking the title. In this example the Holiday greeting is chosen.

greeting options screen

From this page you have the option to:

• Enable the alternate greeting 

• Enable for a specified date range 

• Record a greeting

When you have defined all your settings, click Save.


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