How do I connect to using SSH?

Use the following settings to connect to your account with an SSH client:

Setting Value
Protocol SSH2
Port 22
Username UIC NetID
Authentication UIC common password

Your default location will be in your home directory, which is: /home/NetID. Your sites will be located in /var/www/sites folder. 

For example a site named demo will be in /var/www/sites/demo.

Connecting with Windows

Download and install SecureCRT (free from the WebStore). Any other SSH client of your choice can be used as well. Remember to use as the hostname. Be sure to Accept & Save the host key the first time you log in to Webhost.


Quick Connect

There is another option for connecting and this is using the Quick Connect to easily connect to the server without configuring the session.
This can either be done by doing:

File -> Quick Connect, or
File -> Connect and select the “Quick Connect” button. Enter the protocol, server name and this time do enter the username.

quick connect screen

Connecting with Mac OS X

We also have instructions for using SSH with Terminal for Mac OS X, but again, remember to use as the hostname. Below is an example of someone connecting to for the first time via SSH. You'll only need to say yes when connecting the first time.

local-computer$ ssh

Once connected, you can use symbolic links to get to your sites. We automatically create a symbolic link for each site you have access to. For example if your site's name is demo, do:

[NetID@webhost-prod ~]$ cd demo
[NetID@webhost-prod demo]$ ls
data  htdocs  logs  run


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