What if I get Invalid Credentials/Error message when logging/sign-up into UIC Box?

There are five reasons for this:

1. My UIC affiliation is not eligible to use the U of I Box Sign Up page. External Affiliates (specific code: ZK) and a few other special affiliations must request a Box account by filling out our web form.
2. I am trying to login using a secondary NetID. Only primary NetIDs are supported with U of I Box (as well as all other Shibboleth SSO applications).
Solution: Please make sure you are currently logged in with your primary NetID. If you are not you will need to restart your browser and log in again.
3. I have switched campuses within the University of Illinois
Solution: Please go here: https://discovery.illinois.edu/discovery/DS to reset your campus selection then try logging in again.
4. I have a commercial Box account using my uic.edu email address. You may not know it but you may have inadvertently signed up for a commercial Box account instead of a U of I Box account. This is a common problem.
Solution: Please report this to us by using our web form. A Box administrator will send you an invite link via email which you can use to migrate from the commercial account to the U of I account. In order to complete this process, you will need to log in to your commercial Box account using those credentials (not UIC credentials). If you've forgotten them you can request a new password from a link on their login page. If you ever get taken to a page that says "Not a part of University of Illinois?" you will need to click that link to be taken to the commercial account login.
5. I do not have a Box account.
Solution: Please go here: https://cloud-dashboard.illinois.edu to sign-up for U of I Box.


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Fri 1/15/21 5:49 PM
Sat 2/6/21 3:03 AM