How do I get started using Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, teams are groups of people brought together for work, projects, or common interests.Here are instructions on how to create and join a team.

Sign in to Teams

  1. Start Teams
    • In Windows, click Start  > Microsoft Teams.
    • On Mac, go to the Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams.
    • On mobile, tap the Teams icon
  2. Select “Work or School Account”
  3. Enter your UIC email address

    Login screen
  4. When prompted, enter your UIC password.
  5. Authenticate with Duo 2-Factor Authentication when prompted. Please visit How do I get started with Duo 2FA for more information about Duo.

Pick a team and channel

  1. Select Teams on the left side of the app and then pick a team.
  2. Select a channel and explore the Conversations, Files, and other tabs. The tabs at the top of each channel link to your favorite files, apps, and services.
Note: if you have a Linkedin account using a non UIC email address, please sign in with that first to access the videos.
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