How can I change the "Call me" Duo 2FA authentication method?


On June 12, 2023 individuals will no longer be able to receive a phone call to authenticate with Duo. The “Call me” feature will be disabled. You must ensure your Duo settings are correct before this change happens to guarantee uninterrupted access to University websites and resources. This article describes how to update your Duo 2FA preferences from the Call me option to an approved authentication method.

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How can I update my Duo 2FA Preferences?

Depending on the options you selected when you initially set up your device in Duo, your steps to make a change to another authentication method will vary. The simplest way to ensure uninterrupted access is to begin with a test.

  1. Navigate to the NetID Center website at and select the blue “Log in” button.
  2. After entering your NetID and password, you will see a NetID Center 2FA screen like the one below:


    If you chose “Non-University landline or basic mobile phone” as your device when you set up Duo, your device will be labeled “Landline”. This is regardless of whether your device is a landline or a mobile phone.
  3. If a phone call is automatically sent, select “Cancel this call” and a screen showing other authentication options will appear.
  4. If you see other authentication options, the “Send me a push” or “Text me” buttons on this screen, test one of them now. If you are able to log in without using “Call me”, no further action is required.

I do not see the “Text me” option, what should I do?

If your device is capable of receiving SMS text messages, but you do not see the “Text me” button as above, you’ll need to set up your device again within the Duo registration system. You will set up the same phone number.

  1. Once you’re signed in to the NetID Center, select the “Manage my 2FA” button under the 2-Factor Authentication heading. Then select the “+ Add a new device” button at the bottom of the ‘My Devices & Settings’ section.
  2. Select “Smartphone (recommended)” – THIS MUST BE DONE FOR ANY SMS-CAPABLE PHONE NUMBER, EVEN BASIC MOBILE PHONES. If the phone you are adding is able to install the Duo Mobile application, select “Yes” after entering your number and follow the prompts to scan the QR code using your phone’s camera.
  3. You may be asked about replacing the device – this is intentional and should be allowed.
  4. Once you complete the set-up, log out of the NetID Center with the blue button in the upper-right corner.
  5. To make sure that the updated device functions as needed, try starting at again and logging in. If you see “Text me” or “Send me a push” buttons, test them now.

If you chose to enable the Duo application, check that it is installed on your device. Visit How can I learn more about 2FA? at the UIC Help Center for more assistance.

What other authentication options are available? 

If the phone number you use for authentication is a landline that cannot receive an SMS text message, you will need to acquire a hardware token to replace it as your second device. These are available from the WebStore. Check with your unit HR or IT groups to determine their policy for providing them to employees. They may be purchased either by units or individuals. 

More information about purchasing and configuring hardware tokens can be found in this help article:


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