How do I connect Zoom with my Outlook calendar?

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Zoom supports an Outlook calendar integration to display your non-Zoom scheduled meetings in your Zoom Meetings Desktop Application. To configure this, access your Zoom profile by logging in at using your UIC NetID and password.

  1. In your Profile, scroll down to and select Contact and Calendar Integration
    Zoom Profile
  2. Select Office 365 then select Next.
    Select Office 365
  3. On the following screen, ensure that Authorize with OAuth 2.0 is selected, and then choose the permission levels you would like to give. Then select Authorize.
    • Make sure that at least Read access is selected for both Calendar and Contacts.
    • It is recommended to include Write access for Calendar.

  4. Enter your UIC Email address and select Next

  5. When prompted, enter your UIC NetID and password. You may also be prompted for Duo 2FA.
  6. When prompted, click Accept to complete the integration of your Outlook calendar into your Zoom Desktop App.

  7. You will be brought back to your Zoom profile, where you can confirm that the connection is in place.
Once you have completed this process, when you launch your Zoom Desktop Application, you will see other meetings from your UIC Outlook calendar listed along with your Zoom meetings.


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