How do I get started with Zoom?

This article describes various requirements for Zoom prior to starting your first Zoom meeting.

Log In to

IMPORTANT: UIC students need to log in via the Web Interface at to activate licensed status for their account.

Configure your meeting settings

Accessing your settings:

  • Access your settings by logging into your U of I Zoom account at:
  • Locate the settings tab within the menu bar on the left-hand side of the window

    where to find Profile settings
  • Select the type of Zoom service you would like to configure
    view of settings options
  • For more information on how to Access and Edit your meeting settings, please visit Zoom Support.

Understanding your settings:

Downloading Zoom Desktop Application

Visit to access the Zoom application for your device.

Internet Bandwidth/Speed Requirements

  • Go to to check your network bandwidth. Generally, we recommend a minimum of 1.2 to 1.5Mbps upload/download for an acceptable experience on desktop or room systems.

Test your audio and video settings

Zoom Support

  • Pro users have the option to chat with Zoom support any time 24/7.  To chat with Zoom, please login to your U of I Zoom account at and click the blue question mark (?) at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  
  • Zoom publishes and updates articles supporting all of there services.   These documents can be found at the Zoom Help Center
  • Zoom has specific articles relating to getting started which can be found at Zoom: Getting Started.
  • Zoom also has video tutorials if needed: Zoom Video Tutorials.

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