How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with a large library of tutorials available to all UIC students, faculty, and staff.

1. Navigate your browser to

2. Log in with your UIC credentials.
Login with UIC credentials
Note: The following steps will apply to the first time you access LinkedIn.
3. LinkedIn Learning will prompt you to connect your account. You can opt to connect if you would like; these directions will address NOT linking your account. Click Continue without LinkedIn. Note: scroll to the bottom to see another method of connecting your completed courses without linking your account.
Click continue without linked in
4. You will prompted again to confirm your selection. Click Do not connect my account.
Click Do not connect my account
5. Click Get Started to begin setting up your account and preferences.
Get started
6. Choose any category you are interested in learning about.
Choose category
7. Choose skills you are interested in learning about.
Choose skills
8. Get started with LinkedIn learning!
Homepage for Linkedin Learning after logging in

You do not have to link your personal LinkedIn account with your university LinkedIn Learning account, but you can have your completed  courses display on your personal LinkedIn profile by following these steps: 
  1. Login to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Open up any course
  3. Click the Q&A Section on the right-hand side of the video player
  4. Click Connect my LinkedIn Account
  5. You will be prompted for your LinkedIn Login and Password.
Linking LinkedIn to LinkedIn Learning
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