I already have a personal account with Box using my UIC email address. How do I sign up for a U of I Box account?

If you cannot log in to U of I Box using your NetID and password, your uic.edu email address may be associated with an unmanaged, personal account.

To resolve the conflict, you can either join your existing personal account to our managed enterprise (if you have already been using your personal Box account for U of I data), or change the personal account's primary email address to an external email address of your choice so you may register an enterprise account (if you have been using your personal Box account for personal data).

NOTE: If you already have data on your personal account or someone has shared files with it, please log at ticket in the UIC Help Center for assistance.  A Box administrator must assist for the content to be moved over.  

Accessing your Personal Account

An unmanaged account must be accessed with a Box-specific password. You can regain access to an unmanaged, personal Box account using the password reset form at https://account.box.com/login/reset
Note: If you have an unmanaged personal Box account, please do not delete the account, as this will make it more difficult to move the account into our Enterprise.

Joining the U of I Box Enterprise

To request an enterprise invitation, visit the Cloud Dashboard and attempt to activate your U of I Box account.  After you click the "On" button next to U of I Box, the system will determine if you have an existing personal account and send an invitation to join it to our enterprise.  This invitation will be visible at the top of your folders list in Box Web. If you have a personal account it will say pending until the invite is accepted.

Changing your Personal Account Email

You may choose to change the email address associated with your personal Box account to an email address not associated with the university. Do this if you want to keep your current account and contents separate from your managed U of I Box account.
  1. Sign into your personal Box account. See "Accessing your Personal Account" above.
  2. Click your name/picture in the top right corner.
  3. Click "Account settings" from the pulldown menu.
  4. From the "Account" tab, scroll down to "Login and Email Addresses"
  5. Click "Add more emails"
  6. Add a different email address and click "Save".
  7. After verification, you will need to make the new address the primary and remove your university address from your personal account.

This will free up your UIC e-mail so that you can setup an enterprise account from here : cloud-dashboard.illinois.edu

Your managed, enterprise account will have unlimited online storage quota and requires your NetID and password to authenticate.


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