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IT Partners at Education supports both IT services and Facilities for the College of Education.

IT Services

IT Partners at Education offers a wide range of IT related services: help desk, classroom technologies, eLearning support, web, data, and digital video services.

Overview of services

Help desk

  • Hardware/software support
  • Printers
  • Mobile devices

Classroom technologies

  • Support for instruction including hybrid classes
  • Custom classroom/conference room builds
  • Proactive support monitoring backend AV equipment

eLearning support

  • Transitioned all instruction to the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Custom course design
  • Training and workshops
  • Work with funded projects to develop online training using various systems.


  • 90 websites (9 sites dealing with the main education website, 38 research sites, 33 outreach sites, 10 other sites)
  • Use Sitefinity, Drupal (MSTE), WordPress (Campus), and 11ty.
  • Last 12 months, the main education site has 268,495 unique users with 1,176,502 page views.
  • On 10/1/2021, did a redesign of the main College of Education site along with many other sites to meet campus branding.


Digital video services

  • Recording live events
  • Professional studio space
  • Pre and postproduction

Who We Support

  • Faculty – 83 Tenure-System Faculty
  • Staff – 112 Full-Time Staff
  • Students – In Spring 2022:
    • 639 degree-seeking undergraduate Education students
    • 1,218 degree-seeking graduate Education students
    • 3,992 Illinois students (incl. 2,118 non-Education majors) taking Education classes
  • Online classes – 157 courses with at least one online section in AY21-22
  • 19 classrooms
    • 8 rooms managed by Tech Services
      • We still provide day-to-day support. Tech Services handles the equipment maintenance.
    • 11 rooms managed by IT Partners
  • Two buildings
    • Education building
    • Children’s Research Center

Getting Assistance from IT Partners

The easiest way to get help from IT Partners is to email That goes to a triage account that will be filtered into the correct category. We also have emails set up for the eLearning group, and facilities group,

Support hours

Self-supporting options

    • We are building out an Education KB, Service catalog, and other helpful features for faculty, staff, and students. This is new and part of a larger project happening on campus called Operational Excellence.
    • We also have an acronyms KB entry that I wanted to highlight. There will be a lot of acronyms being used and we hope this will be helpful to you. If there are acronyms that are used that are not on the KB, please let us know and we will add it.
  • UIUC tech help center
    • This is the main campus tech help portal.   

Request for help numbers:

  • IT (Front Desk, Help Desk, Data and Web)
    • 2021 – 2595
    • 2022 – 1593 as of August 4, 2022
  • eLearning
    • 2021 – 472
    • 2022 – 171 as of August 4, 2022
  • Facilities
    • 2021 – 350 starts in March 2021
    • 2022 – 252 as of August 4, 2022

Service center rates

  • ITP has service center rates for digital media and web development.  These are mostly used in grant funding instead of hiring additional FTE for these tasks.  It is also used for the BTAA MOU.  The ITP service rate document is uploaded to Box.   
  • Rates:

Service Type

Rate – Internal

Rate 1 – External Non- Research

Rate 2 – External Research

Digital Media 




Web Development 




IT Partners Philosophy and Collaborations

IT Partners philosophy document (uploaded to box) highlights the importance of collaboration. Not just within Education, but at the campus and system levels. We are too small to build our own services, but instead, focus on adding value to the services that are already available and/or help build out innovative future offerings. Highlighted below are ways we stay connected to provide the best level of service to faculty, students, and staff in Education.

Memorandum of Understanding Agreements (MOUs)

These are all uploaded to the Box folder.

List of campus outreach groups and reference links

The IT Partner staff work with and leverage campus groups and resources to the benefit of the College of Education. Groups our staff is currently active in include:

Facilities Activities

Capital planning projects

Folder uploaded to Box.

Revolving loan funds

Facilities submitted LED lighting upgrades to the revolving loan fund.  We didn’t get the funding this year and will continue to tweak calculations for the next round.  The LED lighting upgrades are for all common areas on the first, second, and third floor.   

Space committee

Folder uploaded to Box.

Facilities related requests:

See above with other request numbers. There are currently 69 open tickets.

Number of classes we support

  • 187 scheduled classroom meetings per week (Ed Bldg.- FA22)


Recently completed:

  • Stairwell painting and art installation
  • 110 suite/Zola Coffee Bar refresh
  • Creation of a dedicated lactation room
  • Swipe access installation to suites 110, 120, 142, 210, 288, 372, 391
  • CRC digital signage
  • Relocation of MSTE program
    • Releasing 6,000+ sqft

Upcoming & In-progress:

  • Upgrading suite 188 (rooms D, E, H, J, L)– Clinical Counseling Services / Research
    • Approved proposal uploaded to Box
  • Upgrading CRC 11 & 13 – ICTW and IVTP
    • Space proposal uploaded to Box
  • Upgrading [TBD location] – Training Qualified Interpreters to Support Families During IEP Meetings
    • Grant proposal uploaded to Box
  • CRC University Primary School bathroom renovation/addition
  • Education Building mailroom relocation
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