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Information Technology Services has begun migrating users from a on-premised Exchange Email service to the cloud based Office 365 Email service. The contents of this article will walk you through the process and provide steps necessary to setup your Voicemail, re-connect your Outlook mail clients, and re-connect your mobile devices mail client.


Setup Resources



Directions for accessing and setting up Voicmail at UIS are now located in their own Knowledge Base article titled "Voicemail at UIS"



Webmail Access

Accessing Webmail can either be done by going to or

You will be directed to login to your UIS Microsoft Office 365 account and then you will have access to your email.


  • If Outlook was left open when the finalization occurred, it will need to be restarted.
  • If/when prompted for a username/password when using Outlook/Skype, please use the username format along with your current password as well as checking the box to remember your password.
  • Outlook for macOS users will need to go to the Outlook menu, Preferences, Accounts and locate your UIS Email and change the Username to be in the format of If prompted for AutoDiscovery click Accept then Quit Outlook and then re-open it. If prompted for the AutoDiscovery Accept it and then Sync maill account.


Outlook App on Android or iOS/iPadOS
  1. On your mobile device, go to Microsoft Outlook app webpage and select the app for your device from the download option. Install the app from your device's app store.
    OutlookApp Install Step
  2. Open the app after it is installed.
    OutlookApp Open App
  3. Tap Add Account.
    OutlookApp Add Account
  4. Enter your email address and then tap Continue. NO PASSWORD IS REQUIRED AT THIS POINT.
    OutlookApp enter UIS email address
  5. When prompted to choose an account type, tap Work or School account.
    OutlookApp Selecting Work or School account
  6. Enter your NetID and Password and click Login.
    OutlookApp UIS Shibb Login page
  7. Complete the Duo (Two-Factor) Authentication
  8. You have the option to add another account.   Tap Maybe Later to proceed to your Office 365 email in Outlook.
    OutlookApp Setup another account
  9. A few screens of help text are presented, which you can read or skip. Your Office 365 Inbox then displays.

After migration has been completed the simplest way to ensure that you are getting your email on your mobile device is to remove the account from the device and then set it up again.

Removing Mail Account
  1. Open the Gmail app on your Android Device
  2. Tap the Account Profile option in the upper right corner of the screen
    • This is either a profile picture or an initial
  3. Select Manage accounts on the this device
  4. Select your UIS account that your would like to remove from your device
  5. Tap the Remove account button on in the middle of the screen.
Setting Up Mail Account
  1. Open the Gmail app on your Android Device
  2. Click the Account Profile option in the upper right corner of the screen
    • This is either a profile picture or an initial
  3. Select Add another account
  4. Choose Exchange and Office 365
  5. Type in your UIS email address and tap Next
  6. You will be redirected to a Microsoft screen that you will tap the option for  Work or school account [There is a possibility that this screen may be skipped]
  7. Next you will be taken to the UIS login page for Office 365, here you will type in your current UIS password and tap Sign in
  8. Your account is now setup. To access you UIS email tap Done
    • You may need to tap the Account Profile option in the upper right corner of the screen and choose you UIS account to see your UIS email.
Removing Mail Account
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Locate and tap on Mail in the left column
  3. in the right column locate and tap on Accounts
  4. Locate and tap on your UIS Exchange Account
  5. Then tap Delete Account and confirm my tapping Delete from My iPad
Setting Up Mail Account [Video walk-through]
  1. Go to Settings
    iOS Home Screen Highlighting the Preferences App
  2. Locate and tap on Mail in the list of settings
    iOS Settings Highlighting the Mail Settings
  3. In the right column locate and tap on Accounts
    iOS Mail Settings Highlighting the Accounts option
  4. Tap Add Account
    iOS Mail Settings Add Account
  5. Now tap Microsoft Exchange
    iOS Mail Settings Adding Account Selecting the MS Exchange Option
  6. Type in your UIS Email address then tap Next
    iOS Mail Settings entering account settings for UIS Office 365 Email
  7. Next tap Sign In
    iOS Mail Settings Signing into MS Office 365 Mail for UIS
  8. On the Microsoft screen tap Work or school account
  9. When the login page loads your email address should already be populated and you will type in your UIS Password and tap Sign In
    UIS Login Page for Office 365
  10. After logging in to your account you will need to select the 2FA method for login verification
    UIS Duo 2FA Verfication Method
  11. Once the account is verified select what you would like to sync with your iOS device by toggling the switches to the right of the items then tap Save
    iOS Mail Settings verifying connection to Office 365 Exchange iOS Mail Settings selecting what information to sync between your device and Office 365 Email
  12. Go back to your Home screen and open your Mail app. Your mail may take some time to populate but the most recent messages will start showing right away.
macOS Mail

After an Exchange email box has been moved to Office 365, the server settings in the Mail App need to
be changed to  This document shows how to change those settings.
1. Open the Mail App and click Mail>Preferences for the settings.
 macOS Mail Accounts Settings
2. Select “Accounts” tab and click “Server Settings”.
3. Uncheck “Automatically manage connection settings” and the Internal and External URL will
 macOS Mail Accounts Settings updated urls
4. Put in for the Internal and External URL and click Save.  This will update
the Mail to point to the Office 365 servers.






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